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Abby is a British trained Physiotherapist (BSc (Hons) Physio) and Hong Kong trained acupuncturist (Dip. Clinical Acupuncture) who is fluent in both English and Cantonese.

She is also a qualified Women’s Health and Men’s Health Physiotherapist who is able to treat the full spectrum of issues in this specialty area. Her career in orthopaedic physiotherapy and specialised skills sets in both women’s and men’s health and acupuncture, give her a unique set of abilities to truly treat patients holistically by being able to assess a problem to find the underlying cause.

Main Focus
Dedicated to treating her patients skillfully, Abby uses a more holistic biomechanical approach based on the Integrated Systems Model©™ and Connect Therapy©™, which involves assessing the whole body from the cranium-cervical spine, thoracic and rib cage and lumbo-pelvic complex down to the feet. This approach allows her to identify the primary cause of the musculoskeletal problem, where treatment using strong manual therapy techniques, will then be focused. In addition, Abby will integrate her expertise of acupuncture in her treatment plan for pain relief and to promote a balanced musculoskeletal system. Using these scientifically based techniques and many years of experience, Abby welcomes challenging cases including chronic pain syndromes, spinal dysfunction particularly arising from the pelvis and hips, cervical headaches, pelvic floor related problems and pre / post-natal issues.
Women's health has always been a special area of interest to Abby and she understands the changes that a woman's body undergoes from early adulthood through to more senior years. She understands the demands placed on a woman's body from pregnancy / childbirth and that full recovery often requires specialist knowledge in women's health, but also expertise in manual therapy for optimal biomechanical alignment, and exercise prescription to develop strength. This unique skill set allows her to skillfully assess treat conditions including:

• Chronic pelvic girdle pain
• Urinary or faecal incontinence
• Urge incontinence
• Pelvic floor muscle retraining
• Bladder dysfunction
• Pelvic organ prolapse
• Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
• Vaginismus
• Rectus abdominus diastasis
• Coccyx pain

Another area of special interest for Abby is Men’s Health and she has specialist training to be able to evaluate, treat and support men experiencing symptoms related to:

• Pelvic floor weakness
• Urinary or faecal incontinence
• Pelvic girdle pain
• Sexual dysfunction
• Erectile dysfunction
• Ejaculatory dysfunction and pain
• Prostate issues
• Constipation
• Urological conditions

Professional Experiences
Abby has worked as Team Physiotherapist for the Hong Kong Rugby Under 19's team and senior physiotherapist at events such as the Hong Kong Rugby 7's, Watson's Water Tennis Challenge and the Hong Kong Golf Open highlights her abilities to treat elite athletes with expertise.