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Elvira graduated from Queensland University in Physiotherapy in 1999 and later obtained a Master in Sports Medicine in 2004. Having over 20 years of private practice experience, she has extensive knowledge and interest in the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders; post-operative rehabilitation, sports injury management and work related injuries. After having two kids of her own, she has now also developed a passion with the motor development of young kids as well as problem arises from pregnant ladies. She is a qualified Clinical Pilates instructor who combines TRX and Swiss ball stability exercises to ensure optimal core stability retraining.

Main Focus
Elvira is very experienced with identifying barriers to athlete and patient rehabilitation progress, and enjoys watching her patients progress to the activities they need to do, want to do, and aspire to do and never tires of learning new treatment and training techniques, perspectives, and the latest the medical literature has to offer.

Professional Experiences
During her career, Elvira has been involved with a number of sporting teams and various international sporting events including rugby, soccer, basketball, field hockey, tennis and squash. She attended the Busan Asian Games 2002, Athens Olympics 2004, East Asian Games 2005, Asian Indoor Games 2005, Doha Asian Games 2006, and Davis Cup (Tennis) 2008, 2009 as the Hong Kong Team physiotherapist.

Elvira, being a keen sportswoman herself, enjoys tennis, scuba-diving and skiing; whilst including running, cycling, and swimming into her own exercise programme. Elvira is fluent in both English and Cantonese.