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Jeff is a Massage Therapist from Toronto, Canada. With over 14 years of experience, Jeff's treatments aim to help his clients to recover from injuries, increase athletic performance, reduce muscle pain, ease stress, and improve posture.

Main Focus
Jeff is able to employ a variety of massage techniques, such as, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage to create a treatment tailor made for the individual needs of his clients. Swedish Massage reduces stress, muscle tension and blood pressure, while improving sleep quality. Jeff also includes Lymphatic Drainage Massage to reduce swelling and speed healing after injury or surgery. A key focus of Jeff's treatment is to assess for any muscular imbalances. These can lead to poor posture, that over time can predispose towards pain or injury. Clients who see Jeff receive a combination of these treatment approaches to not only treat their main concern, but also search for and correct the underlying root of the problem.

Professional Experiences
Jeff has worked in diverse settings from on-site at sporting events to 5 star spas and physiotherapy clinics. Jeff has provided treatments to Royalty, Heads of State, CEO's, Olympic Athletes, Film and Television Stars, Professional Sports Teams including The New Zealand All Blacks, and Dance Companies including Hofesh Shechter.

Leading an active lifestyle is important to Jeff. Not only does it help him stay healthy and energetic, but it gives him insight into his work. Learning different sports and activities allows Jeff to better understand the needs of clients. Some of the sports Jeff has taken part in are, Pairs Figure Skating, Triathlon, Nordic Skiing, Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Body Pump, Spinning, Yoga, and Curling. Jeff practices what he preaches when it comes to self-care, and can often be found foam rolling or using a massage ball. Many of the exercises, stretches, and self-care advice prescribed by Jeff after treatment comes from his own personal athletic endeavours and curiosity.