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Our Lactation Consultant is certified with the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and has extensive experience in helping post-partum women on their breastfeeding journey.

We offer advice and practical treatment to assist in breastfeeding issues that commonly arise such as:

  • Blocked ducts and lumps in the breast
  • Mastitis (local breast pain, redness, swelling, fever and tiredness)
  • Latch problem
  • Nipple pain, cracked nipple
  • Inverted, flat and non-protractile nipples
  • Yeast infection (thrush); other infections
  • Low milk supply and oversupply
  • Breast refusal; Nipple confusion
  • Usage of lactation aids, e.g. breast pump, nipple shields, breast shells, etc.
  • Infant anatomy issues, such as ankyloglossia (tongue-tie), cleft lip/palate, high-arched palate


We offer breastfeeding advice, support and practical management to both mother and, if necessary, baby at different stages of breastfeeding. Management includes:

  • Manual therapy for treating blocked milk ducts and breast lumps
  • Use of therapeutic ultrasound to unblock blocked milk ducts and decrease inflammation
  • Breast taping techniques to improve lymphatic drainage
  • Pre-natal breastfeeding education and breast assessment
  • Advice and education on how to prevent risk factors of breastfeeding issues
  • Feeding advice including frequency, sign for sufficient intake, supply management
  • Latch assessment; infant assessment if necessary
  • Management of nipple pain, cracked nipple and nipple infection
  • Introduction on the correct use of lactation aids